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Week 17 and the playoffs

Wes Welker NOES!Collapse )

Meanwhile, lots of NFC rematches next week: Green Bay plays Arizona again and Dallas plays Philly. For once, the media's adoration of the Packers might work because they have a feel of a dark horse. We will also see how Philadelphia rebounds because I think if Dallas wins, they will lose to the Saints or the Vikings.

Well, ladies and gents, all four of the AFC teams I've really liked this year are in the playoffs. San Diego, New England, Baltimore, and Cincy. One of you four needs to beat Indianapolis. And that is all.

Please let it be named Randy Brady....

Congrats to Tom and Gisele. Your baby effectively cancels out the upcoming Kardashian sprog by having at least a fighting chance of becoming a productive member of society.


Sorry we've been so quiet. It's really difficult to see Pats games here in the DC area, because the NFC East is king, followed by the AFC North (queen?)

Anyhoo, the annual Brady-Manning Bowl was a sight to behold, and not in a good way. True, the Pats made some stupid mistakes on the field, but I will never in a million years understand why Belichick thought it would be a good idea to pull that stunt. I understand the outcome he was going for, but if I'm up against Peyton Manning, I'm not going to take the chance of handing the ball to the dude in the red zone.

Just plain stupid.

Silver lining alert: the offense looked fantastic last night. Brady and Moss seem to have rekindled their bromance and it is a wonderful thing.

Now that the circus is over, concentrate on winning the AFC East, boys. And then beat the fucking Colts in the postseason, when it counts.

Week 6 Musings

I am so sad I didn't get to see Tom Brady score five touchdowns in a single quarter and lead the Pats to the top of the AFC East after the Jets discovered the Bills suck except when they're fuckin' with your chance to be atop the AFC East.

That game was on late. Me and Anj: dear jesus, why. It was so bad, even if the Bills fucked the Jets much to the benefit of New England. I WANTED TO SEE BRADY GO MADDEN STYLE ON PEOPLE. Damn it.

I did get to watch the first half of the Saints/Giants game where the Manning face got made a lot as Drew Brees romped them, but I had to go to Applebees to do it, because the goddamn Washington/KC game was what we were forced to watch. I mean, that game was so bad that people got points on a safety. The Saints/Giants game was amazing. Seriously, that should have been pushed up over the Bears/Falcons, even if those are two solid teams, too.

Also...fuckin' Brett Favre. What did he promise to Satan for the 6-0 Minnesota season, seriously? I mean, he didn't do bad at New York, but he looks ten years younger this year, and last year he got lucky with Brady's knee.

But New Orleans is lookin' dead good and they have a pretty favorable schedule. Plus, I enjoy any time when a Manning brother goes down. Oh yes.

An Interesting Start, Boys

Interesting, wildly uneven, etc.

I do hope the offense finds its legs soon. The D just isn't good enough to win games for the Pats. Unlike many others, I believe the secondary has improved greatly. The issue here is that the Pats can't get any pressure on opposing quarterbacks. An average of 7 seconds to throw would make Dan Orlovsky look like Joe Montana.

Is it fixable? Probably not. Without a big trade, the Pats have no reliable pass rusher. But the offense IS fixable, and that's the key to the playoffs.


Our long national nightmare is nearly over

Is John Madden really retiring???

This is just awful. I mean, I know the dude's getting old but..it's Madden!

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates, but this offseason has been particularly boring. I like Shawn Springs at CB, especially now that TO is playing for the Bills. If Tom's year off hasn't completely fucked his career, we might be looking at another Super Bowl run.

We'll do a draft analysis, and keep our fingers crossed for the Julius Peppers deal.

As far as the schedule goes, I don't mind the new tradition of a mid-season Pats-Colts showdown, but this will be the 3rd fucking year in a row with the Pats on the road. I know the NFL is secretly controlled by Bill Polian and Archie Manning, but this is bullshit.

On the whole Cutler debacle: I am going to miss seeing him and Philip play the Hick Bowl twice a year.


This is something I never thought I'd post:

Cardinals vs. Eagles, NFC Championship Game.

I think the AFC will come down to Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore, in which case I will root for the Ravens because they happen to be geographically closer to me, and Baltimore fans hate the fucking Colts as much as I do.

ETA: The Manning Super Bowl party will be somewhat sad this year.

Utah vs. Alabama

All those Mormons who came down to Vegas to bet on Utah?


This is why college football needs a playoff. USC, Florida, Texas, and Utah are all outstanding and I'm hard pressed to say who's the best of the four. (Oklahoma = overrated, Alabama got the beatdown, Ohio State WHAT, Penn State, sry no.) This is just fail and you, son. Fail. And. You.

Rose Bowl FAIL

Pete Carroll: "No offense to either of those great programs [Florida and whoever], but the Trojans could beat any team out there."

angelinamaria: "Except Oregon State."

What we learned this year

1. Football is a team sport. If a quarterback has to keep track of passes thrown to his diva WRs, his focus is not on winning the game. Tony Romo would be better off in Seattle, San Diego, or New York. No one can lead in Dallas.

2. The NFL playoff system still makes more sense than the BCS.

3. Jerry Jones is already stitching Michael Vick's name to a jersey.

4. Bill Parcells is an evil football genius.

5. The Chargers are the pre-2004 Red Sox of football.

6. Ok, so maybe it IS the system. I don't think Cassel's a better QB than Brady, but 11-5 ain't bad off the bench.

7. Wes Welker needs to marry me.